Autumn Skincare Routine

winter skin

The colder months are on their way, so its time to change up that summer skincare routine in order to ensure you skin stays healthy and hydrated! Check out our top tips on how you can make simple and easy changes to your skincare routine!

1. Get scrubbing! Exfoliating two to three times a week is something we should all be doing anyway, but during autumn and winter its time to up the ante! It’s highly important to keep skin refreshed and renewed so we advise using a sugar, salt or coffee based scrub, not only will they will leave you silky smooth but they will smell like heaven too!

2. Moisturise regularly – try to adjust your routine so that you are moisturising on a daily basis, for example after a hot shower or bath, or first thing in the morning. Make sure the moisturiser that you pick has strong hydrating and nourishing properties!

3. Continue using sunscreen – sun lotion isn’t just for summer, you should be using it all year round as skin can still get damaged in the winter sun! Even if the majority of  your skin is covered up, make sure that the skin that is exposed to the sun, for example your face and neck, are well covered in products containing SPF.

4. Maintain a healthy diet – lots of greens, plenty of water and stock up on the herbal teas! The colder weather makes us want to increase our intake of hot drinks, but instead of reaching out for calorific coffees or hot chocolates, opt for green tea!