Booty Sculpting Ballet Workout


Calling all wannabe ballerinas! We have the perfect ballet-inspired workout for you!

Ballet is not just a lovely art form, but also a fantastic way to sculpt your booty, and strengthen your legs and core. The only equipment you will need for this at-home workout is a chair, or ledge at waist height. As this circuit is an intense workout for your legs, it is important to stretch afterwards. Use the link at the bottom of this article for effective¬†ballet stretches that you can complete post-workout. Now that you’re ready, it’s time to turn on your fave dance tunes and hit the barre!





Exercise Video Links:

Wide Legged Squats (plie) x 20

Calf Raises x 30

Side Leg Lifts x 15 (each side)

Pilates Hundreds Exercise

Glute Bridges x 15 (each leg)

Glute Extensions x 15 (each leg)

Releve x 30

Arabesque x 5 (each leg)

Side Lunges

Ballet Jumps