How To Avoid A Hangover This Weekend


The weekend is in sight, so your plans to enjoy a few cocktails with the girls may now be in full swing! Who can say no to a delicious espresso martini right? Here at HGL HQ we appreciate the importance of having a good time and enjoying yourself so we say why not to the odd alcoholic drink every now and then! One thing we hate however: the dreaded hangover the next day! So to save you from suffering, we have rounded up a few essential tips to ensure you will wake up as fresh as a daisy!

  • Eat a hearty meal before drinking – we understand that being bloated is not the best of looks when you are heading out for the night, but by skipping dinner or opting for a small salad you will actually end up worse off. It is important to eat a meal with carbs and protein, in order for their to be actually be something in your stomach for the alcohol to be absorbed into. Red meat has a high concentration of amino acids and B vitamins which helps to process nasty by-products of alcohol, so this is always a great option to include in your dinner.
  • Stock up on multivitamins – antioxidants help to alleviate the damage from drinking, so the day before make sure you double up on your multi vitamins or opt for an acai bowl for breaky!
  • Rest up – by ensuring you have had plenty of sleep and rest, your body will be able to handle the hangover much better.
  • Opt for juice over sodas – by drinking orange juice with your vodka instead of fizzy drinks it won’t benefit you massively in terms of preventing a hangover, however juice is defintely the healthier option when choosing between the two options.
  • Water is your best friend – as we all already know, water is your savior! So make sure you drink it throughout your night in between your alcoholic drinks, before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up. It will help to flush out the toxins and it will help to prevent dehydration.
  • Choose eggs for breakfast – it is important to get some fuel inside of you the morning after drinking. Instead of choosing a greasy breaky that may just make you feel 10 times worse, opt for a plain omelette or poached eggs. This will help your body digest and process the alcohol without making you feel sick and it will also provide you with some much needed energy to conquer the day ahead.