How To: Fix Your Broken Makeup

broken makeup

When you’ve spent hundreds of your hard earned money on makeup and beauty items, you are going to want the products to last and be able to get the most out of them that you can. So we have some cool hacks that will ensure you get your moneys worth!

  1. Extend the life of your foundation – a lot of expensive foundations come in glass bottles and when you reach the end of the bottle there is most likely a small amount still left at the bottom. A tip to get use out of those last few drops is to add a little face moisturiser to turn it in to a tinted moisturiser!
  2. Cut open plastic tubes – before you throw out your empty plastic tubes,  try cutting them open and scrape out remaining product that will be at the end of the tube. If you do not want to use it right away try storing it in a plastic jar.
  3. Fix broken powder – there is nothing worse than when your blusher, eye shadow or powder cracks and crushes, but this can be fixed in one easy step! Simply pour rubbing alcohol into the product and stir it around to ensure the mixture is smooth and flattened out. Then leave it overnight  for the alcohol to evaporate and voilà! Your makeup is as good as new.
  4. Loosen up your mascara in warm water – if your mascara is running low, but still within the three months of being opened, make sure the lid is tightly screwed on and place in a warm cup of water. This will loosen up the mascara on the sides of the tube and allow you to get a few more uses out of it!
  5. Reattach your broken lipstick using a lighter – if you have broken your fave lippy, not to worry! Simply use a lighter to melt the broken edges and reattach the broken piece back onto the base of the lipstick. Then use a cotton bud to smooth down and seal the edges. Then place in the fridge for it to cool.
  6. Add saline to dried out creams – products such as cream eye shadows and cream blushes are often known for drying out – so to solve this issue just add a little saline solution and mix it in with the cream. This will help to restore its moisture without ruining the colour of the product.