Product Review: Coco Body


After the Easter long weekend, you may feel that your skin and hair are in need of a little pampering? Well here at HGL HQ we certainly do and luckily we have just the answer!

For the past week we have been trying out a couple of products from Coco Body, a beautiful company whose products have been formulated and manufactured with natural ingredients that are enriched with oils and vitamins to nourish the skin and hair!

“Coco Body believe in living a fit and healthy life style and caring for our health and well-being.”


We tested out ‘COCO BODY – NOURISH ME’ and ‘COCO HAIR REPAIR ME – HAIR TREATMENT’ and our verdict? We simply fell in love with both products! Check out our review below…

 The Coco Body Nourish Me Oil is one of those products that has an endless list of uses! Whether you want to use it as part of your everyday beauty routine to nourish your skin, use it as a tanning oil or even as a moisturiser during pregnancy to help keep skin soft, supple and to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

We tried the oil as an everyday moisturiser to begin with, we found the product worked best with our routine by using the oil in the evening after a hot bath or shower, we then used a very small amount (the product spreads easily so a little goes a long way), then we let it soak in before getting dressed. We guarantee you will have an amazing nights sleep and wake up incredibly refreshed and silky smooth! Ah, heaven!

The product is made with a unique combination of coconut, sweet almond, grape-seed and avocado oils, so it is packed with an endless amount of benefits for your skin!


 Next up, we gave their delicious hair treatment a try! Now Summer has officially come to an end and the hot weather is cooling off, it is the perfect time to treat those mermaid locks! If your hair is feeling a little dry and damaged, this product will be your savior. Made with Coconut, Moroccan Argan, Jojoba and Macadamia Oil, ‘Coco Hair Repair Me’ will aim to repair, hydrate and strengthen your hair!

The product works best when you apply it to dry hair before you shower, leave it on for a minimum of 20 minutes, (we left it on for a couple of hours to reap as many benefits as possible!) then wash and style hair as normal! The result? Glossy hair for days!

To find out more about COCO BODY and to check out the rest of their beautiful products, head over to their website: