Top Five Hair Conditioning Mistakes


We all know the key to beautiful, soft hair is hydration, but getting the right balance can be difficult – especially with the weather changing! We’ve put together a list of the most common mistakes when it comes to conditioning your hair, and what you should be doing instead.

1. You Aren’t Conditioning Enough


Conditioner is moisturiser for your hair. It hydrates and protects your hair against damage, so you should be using it every time you get it wet (especially after shampooing!)

2. You Are Conditioning Too Much


Unless your roots are scalp are feeling dry, you don’t need to apply conditioner over all of your hair. Generally speaking, applying conditioner from the mid-sections to the tips is all you need to maintain soft, hydrated hair.

Also, you don’t need to wet/condition your hair every day. Invest in a fun shower cap to keep your locks dry when they don’t need a wash. This will strengthen your hair by allowing the routes more time to absorb the natural oils that your body produces, and preventing damaged cause by wetting your hair.

3. You Wash it Out Too Soon


Conditioner works best if you leave it in for a few minutes (like, at least three or four). We recommend washing you hair immediately when you step into the shower, then leaving the conditioner to do it’s thing while you do the rest of your shower routine.

4. You Aren’t Using Hair Treatments


Even if you are conditioning your hair properly, you should also be treating your hair to intense nourishment (ie – a hair treatment) around once a week.

Hair treatments work to restore everyday damage like sun exposure, blowdrying, swimming, rubbing against your pillow, etc.

5. You Only Use Conditioner In the Shower


If your hair is still feeling dry, particularly if you use any heat styling tools or dye it, then you should invest in a quality leave-in conditioner.

Make sure you get the right type for you hair (eg. get a lightweight mist spray for fine hair, or rub-through gel for thicker hair).