What to Wear to a Wedding


Weddings are a wonderful occasion to celebrate love and catch up with long-lost friends and family. However, when you are attending as a guest, choosing the perfect outfit can feel impossible!

We’ve made a handy list of tips to help you find the perfect ensemble for that special occasion.

1. No White Dresses!


This is probably the most important rule when it comes to dressing for weddings.
Unless the bride specifically asks you to, you should never wear white (or ivory, cream, pearl, etc)  to a wedding.

white-dress1While not all ladies are wearing white to their weddings these days, it’s still a colour that is strongly associated with the ‘Bride’ and tends to pull focus at weddings. Remember that this day is about celebrating the bride and groom, so let them be the focus of attention and save that cute cream dress for another party!

2. Be Modest

ASOS dresses

When it comes to dressing for a wedding, showing too much skin is often the difference between classy and trashy. A wedding is a momentous occasion, so don’t wear the same clothes to a wedding that you would wear to a nightclub. We’re not saying that you need to dress like a nun, but try to avoid dresses that show too much leg or cleavage.
You’re trying to avoid pulling focus from the bride, remember?

We LOVE both of the above dress, available at ASOS.com (but save the one on the right for the nightclub).

3. Read the Invitation


Even if your wedding invitation doesn’t specify a dress code (in which case, always opt for semi-formal for day weddings and formal for night), the date and location of the wedding is always a good way to judge how warm your ensemble should be.

The last thing you want during a long wedding ceremony is to be too hot or cold.
If the wedding is in summer go for lighter, flowing fabrics.
If it’s in winter, look out for a dress made of thicker fabric, and pair it with a pashmina and/or stylish coat.

4. Careful with Solid Colours

avoid clashes

If you are planning to wear a dress that’s one solid colour, it’s best to first check what colour the bridesmaids will be wearing or you might clash with the wedding party (awkward!)

Just to be safe we LOVE to wear beautifully patterned dresses  to weddings!

5. Plan for Fun!


Weddings are a celebration!  Above everything else it’s important to have a good time!

High heels can complete a formal outfit, but once you hit the dance floor it pays to have a secret pair of flats stashed away in your handbag (or car, if the reception is held in a different venue to the wedding).

Also, make sure that whatever you plan to wear to the wedding, will be just as comfortable once you’ve been sitting (or standing) through the ceremony and reception as it was when you first put it on (especially if you are wearing ‘body shaping’ underwear or a strapless bra!).